Functions of Language

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet published in an issue.

6 July 2020

Interpersonal functions of interjections: A Systemic Functional perspective
Yi Jing | 28 pp.
Presupposed evaluation in environmental argumentative discourse
Gabrina Pounds | 28 pp.
A systemic functional study of modal verbs in the Chinese clause: Their clausal positions and functions
Shu Yang | 26 pp.

30 June 2020

Negation in complement clauses of fear-verbs
Nina Dobrushina | 33 pp.
Ivano Ciardelli, Jeroen Groenendijk & Floris Roelofsen Inquisitive semantics
Reviewed by Vít Punčochář | 5 pp.

5 June 2020

Geoff Thompson, Wendy L. Bowcher, Lise Fontaine & David Schönthal, (eds.) The Cambridge handbook of Systemic Functional Linguistics
Reviewed by Richard A. Hudson | 5 pp.
Vera Benninghoven. The functions of ‘general nouns’: Theory and corpus analysis
Reviewed by Charlotte Maekelberghe | 6 pp.

4 June 2020

How do speakers and hearers disambiguate multi-functional words?: The case of well
Christoph Rühlemann and Stefan Th. Gries | 26 pp.

27 May 2020

Review of Lukin (2019): War and its ideologies: A social-semiotic theory and description
Reviewed by Tom Bartlett | 6 pp.