Miscellaneous published in:
Historiographia Linguistica
Vol. 17:1/2 (1990) ► pp. 237240

8.List of references

Authors are asked to keep footnotes to a minimum. Relevant citations are to be supplied in the text, and the full bibliographical detail should be supplied in the References at the end of the manuscript. The following conventions apply:

8.1Book, monograph, or collective volume

Baratin, Marc & Françoise Desbordes
(avec la participation de Philippe Hoffman & Alain Pierrot) 1981L’Analyse linguistique dans l’Antiquité classique. Vol.I1: Les théories. Paris: Éditions Klincksieck.Google Scholar
Budagov, R[uben] A[leksandrović]
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Robins, R[obert] H[enry]
1967A Short History of Linguistics. London: Longmans; Bloomington: Indiana Univ. Press 1968 (2nd ed., London: Longman 1979.)Google Scholar
Versteegh, Cornelis H. M. [= Kees], E. F. Konrad Koerner & Hans-J. Niederehe
eds. 1983The History of Linguistics in the Near East. (= Studies in the History of the Language Sciences, 28.) Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins.Google Scholar

8.2Articles in periodical or collective volume

Auroux, Sylvain
1986 “Actes de pensée et actes linguistiques dans la Grammaire générale”. HEL 8:2.105–120. CrossrefGoogle Scholar
Salmon, Vivian G.
1974 “John Wilkins’ Essay (1668): Critics and continuators”. HL 11.147–163. (Repr. in The Study of Language in 17th-Century England by V. Salmon, 191–206. Amsterdam: John Benjamins 1979; 2nd ed. 1988.)Google Scholar
Sarmiento, Ramón
1983 “La gramática del siglo de las Luces”. Serta Philologica F. Lázaro Carreter natalem diem sexagesimum celebranti dedicata, vol.11, 571–585. Madrid: Cátedra.Google Scholar


* Acronyms of well-known journals should follow the conventions of the annual Linguistic Bibliography / Bibliographie Linguistique (Dordrecht: Kluwer). Whenever in doubt, supply the full name.

Boyadjiev, Jivco
Forthcoming. Review of Budagov (1988). HL 17:3.
Michael, Ian
1980Review of Salmon (1979). IF 851.304–306.Google Scholar

Provided that the full reference to the book reviewed is supplied in the bibliography; otherwise the conventions of the next entry are to be followed:

Cowan, William
1983Review of Arab Linguistics: An introductory classical text with translation and notes by Michael G. Carter (Amsterdam: John Benjamins 1981) HL 101.120–124.Google Scholar