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Historiographia Linguistica
Vol. 2:1 (1975) ► pp. 135142

Note: This listing acknowledges the receipt of recent studies that seem to bear on linguistics, in particular the history of the discipline. Only the receipt of those books will be acknowledged separately which have been sent upon request. It should be pointed out that by accepting a book, the Editor implies no promise that it will be reviewed in HL. Reviews are printed as circumstances permit, and offprints are sent to the publishers of the works reviewed. The Editor encourages young scholars, in particular, to write him if they wish to review any of the books listed below; items preceded by an asterisk have already been chosen for review in one of the forthcoming issues of HL.

. 1974 . Bestimmt die Sprache unser Weltbild? Zur Kritik der gegenwärtigen bürgerlichen Sprachphilosophie . (= Zur Kritik der bürgerlichen Ideologie, 19 .) 2nd unchanged ed. Berlin : Akad.-Verlag , 185 pp. [ First ed., 1972. Contents: “Einleitung” (9–14); “Ludwig Wittgenstein als Quelle des logischen Positivismus und der analytischen Philosophie” (15–36); “Der Einfluss von Charles [Sanders] Peirce [1839–1914] auf den linguistischen Positivismus” (37–40); “Die Verabsolutierung der Sprache im Neopositivismus” (41–48); “Logisch-linguistische Analyse und Werturteile” (49–55); “Logische Sprachanalyse und analytische Philosophie” (56–62); “Die allgemeine Semantik als politisches Instrument des Antikommunismus in den USA” (63–71); “Bilden Sprachstrukturen, Weltbilder und Kulturstrukturen einen wechselseitigen Zusammenhang?” (72–82); “Die Zerstörung der Einheit von Sprache, Denken und Wirklichkeit durch den Strukturalismus” (83–101), and “Bemerkungen zur sprachphilosophischen Situation in der BRD [i.e., West Germany]” (102–166). “Notes” (167–81) – no bibliography – and “Index of names” (182–85). Of particular interest to the historian of linguistics are those sections in which A. speaks about the Humboldtian tradition, the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, and related 20th-century developments (pp. 72–82 passim, 102–15 passim, and elsewhere .]
. 1973 . Principles and Methods of Contemporary Structural Linguistics . Transl. from the Russ. by Dina B. Crockett . (= Janua Linguarum; series minor, 144 .) The Hague : Mouton , 349 pp. Paper, Hfl. 40 ,-. [ Rev. E. version of Apresjan’s Idei i metodi sovremennoj lingvistiki (Moscow, 1966) – cf. HL 1:3, p.362, for details – To this E. transl, (whose Russ. original was completed in 1964), only one new chap, has been added: “Models of Semantic Analysis and Synthesis” (274–300), which essentially relates the theories of A. K. Zolkovskij and I(gor) A(leksandrovič) Mel’čuk (288ff.). See esp. Part I of the Book, “From the History of Structural Linguistics” (17–86), which gives an account of the forerunners of structuralism, of Saussure’s basic ideas, and post-Saussurean developments, particularly in Europe and North America. The bibliography (321–40) contains close to 400 titles; a very useful index of names and terms (341–49) concludes the book .]
* Benware, Wilbur A. 1974 . The Study of Indo-European Vocalism in the 19th Century; from the beginnings to Whitney and Scheren A critical-historical account (= Studies in the History of Linguistics, 3 .) Amsterdam : J. Benjamins , xii + 126 pp. Paper, Hfl. 24 ,–. [ From the contents: “Basic Concepts of Language and the Methodology for its Study in the Early 19th Century” (1–18); “Vocalism and Vowel Change: Rask, Grimm, Bopp” (19–38); “Vowel Gradation after Bopp [Pott, Holtzmann, Jacobi]” (39–53); “Proto-Indo-European, ‘Sound Laws’ and Vowels” (54–65); “The Reconstruction of Proto-Vowels” (66–83); a detailed bibliography (97–121) and an index of authors (123–26) conclude the book .]
. 1973 . Studii romeni (= Società Accademica Romena; Collana di studii e saggi, 6 .) Rome : Soc. Accad. Romena , 355 pp. Paper, L. 5.500 [ A collection of 17 previously printed and 6 newly published papers in the field of Romance philology and linguistics, e.g., “Le norme areali di Matteo Bàrtoli” (103–57), first published in Quaderni ibero-americani 31.7–60 (1965), and “Leibniz e la lingua romena” (351–53), which first appeared in CSP 2.60–62 (1953). There is no bibliography and no index .]
* Bopp, Franz . 1974 . Analytical Comparison of the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin and Teutonic Languages, shewing the original identity of their grammatical structure . (= Amsterdam Classics in Linguistics, 3 .) Amsterdam : J. Benjamins , xxxviii + 68 pp. in small-4°. Paper, Hfl. 28 ,–. [ A re-ed. of Bopp’s own transl, and revision of the linguistic portion of his epoch-making Con-jugationssystem (1816) which first appeared in 1820, together with the following additions: “Preface to the New Edition” (vii-xiii) by E. F. K. Koerner, “Notice historique sur la vie et les travaux de M. François Bopp” of 1869 (xv-xxxviii) by Joseph Daniel Guignaut (1794–1867), Friedrich Techmer’s (1843–91) Preface to the 1889-ed. of Bopp’s study (3–13), a letter by Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767–1835) of 1821 commenting upon Bopp’s work (61–66), an index of names (67–68), and a portrait of Bopp .]
1973 . Inversion of the Subject in French Narrative Prose from 1500 to the Present Day . (= Publications of the Philological Society, 24 .) Oxford : B. Blackwell , 453 pp. Cloth, 7.00 . [ A historical study of word order; bibliography (439–47), “Index of French Authors” (448–50), and “General Index” (451–52) .]
Colorado Research in Linguistics , No. 4 ( May 1974 ). Boulder, Colo. : Dept. of Linguistics, Univ. of Colorado . [ It includes a paper by Luigi Romeo, “A Note on the Historiography of Sanskrit Linguistics” (R1-R15), which constitutes, in the main, a review article of J. F. Staal’s Reader on the Sanskrit Grammarians (1972), see below .]
* Delbrück, Berthold . 1974 . Introduction to the Study of Language: A critical survey of the history and methods of comparative philology of Indo-European languages . (= Amsterdam Classics in Linguistics, 8 .) Amsterdam : J. Benjamins , xxx + 148 pp. Paper, Hfl. 35 ,–. [ A re-ed. of Eva Channing’s 1882 transl. of the first ed. of Delbrück’s Einleitung in das Sprachstudium (1880), with a new preface (vii-xix) and a selected bibliography (143–48) by E. F. K. Koerner, and a portrait of Delbrück .]
. 1973 . Strukturalismus und Transformationalismus. List Taschenbücher der Wissenschaft – Linguistik , 1423 .) Munich : P. List , 288 pp. Paper, DM 19 ,–. [ An introduction to theories and methods of various European and North American structuralist trends, including glossematics, stratificational grammar, dependency grammar, transformational grammar, generative semantics, and an attempt to reconcile structuralism and transformational-generative theories. Bibliography (278–82); index of authors (283–87) .]
comp. 1974 . Zeichen – Text – Bedeutung: Bibliographie zu Theorie und Praxis der Semiotik . (= Kritische Information, 32 .) Munich : W. Fink , xxx + 508 pp. Paper, DM 36 ,–. [ This bibliography lists over 10.000 titles of some 6.000 authors (indexed, pp.455–508) of 19th and, especially, 20th century work in various areas of human curiosity, including psychology, philosophy, semantics, grammar, syntax, etc., though emphasis is (said to be) laid on the study of signs and sign systems in its various aspects, both from traditional and modern points of view. Of particular interest to readers of HL may be the section entitled “Geschichte der Semiotik” (48–54) .]
. 1973 . Contrastive Lexicology . Nottingham : A. G. M. of B. A. A. L. ( Sept . 1973 ), 41 pp. mimeo.
. 1973 . Essais linguistiques II . (= Travaux du Cercle linguistique de Copenhague, 14 .) Copenhagen : Nordisk Sprog- og Kulturforlag , [vi] + 278 pp. [ Sequel to Hjelmslev’s Essais linguistiques (Copenhagen, 1959), this vol. includes a number of papers originally published in Danish translated for the first time into French or English or published for the first time, namely, “Structure générale des corrélations linguistiques” of 1933 (57–98) and “A Causerie on Linguistic Theory” of 1941, transl. into E. by Caroline C. Henriksen (101–17). Of particular interest for historians of linguistics are Hjelmslev’s biographical sketches of four great Danish scholars: “Commentaires sur la vie et l’oeuvre de Rasmus [Kristian] Rask [1787–1832]” (3–16) first published in 1951; “Vilhelm [Ludvig Peter] Thomsen [1842–1927]” (1942) and “Holger Pedersen: 7 avril 1867 – 25 octobre 1953” (1954), both transl. into Fr. by François Marchetti (17–27 and 29–39, respectively), and “[Jens] Otto [Harry] Jespersen [1860–1943]” (41–54), which first appeared in AL 3.119–30 (1945). The vol. contains neither an index nor a bibliography .]
* Imhasly, Bernard . 1974 . Der Begriff der sprachlichen Kreativität in der neueren Linguistik . (= Linguistische Arbeiten, 30 .) Tübingen : M. Niemeyer , vi + 132 pp. [ A discussion of the concept (or the various conceptions) of ‘creativity’ in modern linguistics, with brief accounts of earlier views, e.g., Humboldt (12–17) and Saussure (46–49). Bibliography (130–32), no index .]
. 1974 . Form und Sinn: Sprachwissenschaftliche Betrachtungen . (= Internationale Bibliothek für Allgemeine Linguistik, 13 .) Munich : W. Fink , 177 pp. Paper, DM28 ,–. [ A collection of articles and minor papers originally published during 1932 and 1970, most of them transl. into G. by Gabriele Stein, except for “Zeichen und System der Sprache” of 1962 (7–13), “Die Arbeit der sogenannten ‘Prager Schule’” of 1938 (31–34), “Zur Struktur des russischen Verbums” of 1932 (55–67), “Beitrag zur allgemeinen Kasuslehre (Gesamtbedeutung des russischen Kasus)” of 1936 (77–124), and “Das Nullzeichen” of 1939 (132–34) as well as the (undated) “Nachwort” (176–77). These papers have been included in Jakobson’s Selected Writings, vol.2: Word and Language (The Hague: Mouton, 1971), pp.272–79, 547–50, 3–15, 23–71, and 220–22 (in that order) .]
ed. 1973–74 . Perspektiven der Linguistik I and II . (= Kröners Taschenausgabe, 446–47 .) Stuttgart : A. Kröner , lv + 246 pp. , x + 366 pp. in-16°. Cloth, DM 17.50 and 19.80, respectively . [ A carefully edited collection of papers presented at the Ruhruniversität in Bochum in Summer 1973 which are devoted to various aspects of linguistics and adjacent areas of interest, with a view to giving a ‘state of the art’ résumé of particular fields, e.g., apart from the thorough and detailed “Einleitung” by the ed. (I, xi-lv), “Strukturale Linguistik” by Udo L. Figge (I, 1–36), “Semantik” by Horst Singer (80–104), “Grundlagen und Methoden der historischen Sprachvergleichung” by Karl Horst Schmidt (105–33), “Sprache und Informationstheorie” by Günther Pflug (II, 61–87), “Psycholinguistik” by Hans Hörmann (138–55), and “Semiotik und Sprachgenese” by Walter A. Koch (312–46). Of particular interest to the history of linguistics are: “Geschichte der Linguistik” by Udo L. Figge (II, 178–89) and “Tendenzen der Linguistik” by Walter A. Koch (190–311), the latter includes detailed notes (294–304) and bibliographical references (304–11). Both vols, contain good indices of authors and of terms and subjects .]
. 1974 . From Signs to Propositions: The concept of form in eighteenth-century semantic theory . (= Longman Linguistics Library, 16 .) London : Longman , ix + 202 pp. Cloth , £ 3.00 [ Revised version of the author’s 1971 dissertation of the Univ. of Toronto; cf. DAb 33:726A (1972). From the contents: “The Semantics of Locke and the Royal Society” (1–20), which includes a discussion of John Wilkins’ (1614–72) Essay towards a Real Character (1668); “The Theory of Representative Signs in Eighteenth-century Aesthetics” (21–74); “The Rise of Philology” (75–124), in which 18th-century antecedents of 19th-century comparative linguistics (e.g., Condillac, Adam Smith, Monboddo, Herder, William Jones, and others) are presented, and “Theories of Logical Symbolism” (125–81), dealing with the theories of Hobbes, Leibniz, Berkeley, Hartley, Condillac in the 17th and 18th centuries and those advanced by George Boole and Gottlob Frege in the 19th century. Bibliography (192–98); index of authors (199–202) .]
Lenguaje y Ciencias 14 : 1 ( March 1974 ). Trujillo (Peru) : Depto. de Idiomas y Lingüǐstica, Univ. Nacional de Trujillo , 64 pp. ( Editor : Ernesto Zierer ).
Linguistische Berichte Nos. 31–33 . Braunschweig : F. Vieweg , 1974 ( June-October ).
ed. 1974 . Perpektiven der Linguistik: Die Sprache im Kontext der Linguistik und ihrer Nachbardisziplinen . Transl. into G. by Gisela Shaw, Silvia Günther, and Ria Omasreiter . (= List Taschenbücher der Wissenchaft – Linguistik, 1425 .) Munich : P. List , 375 pp. [ Original title: Linguistics at Large: The fourteen linguistic lectures presented by the Lnstitute of Contemporary Arts, London 1969–70 (London: V. Gollancz, 1971). Contributions by R. H. Robins (“Die Struktur der Sprache”, 13–38), Eugénie J. A. Henderson, John Lyons, Peter F. Strawson George Steiner, Edmund Leach, Claire and W. M. S. Russell, M. M. Lewis, Oliver L. Zangwill, Basil B. Bernstein, Frank (Robert) Palmer, Colin E. Cherry, and Randolph Quirk. Index of names (363–65), index of terms (367–71), and brief biographical notes on the contributors to the vol. (373–75) .]
The Nottingham Linguistic Circular 3 : 1 ( Nov. 1973 ) and 3 : 2 ( May 1974 ). Nottingham : School of English Studies, Univ. of Nottingham .
* Pott, August Friedrich . 1974 . Einleitung in die Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft , preceded by the same author’s Zur Literatur der Sprachenkunde Europas . (= Amsterdam Classics in Linguistics, 10 .) Amsteram : J. Benjamins , xli + 502 pp. in small-4°. Paper, Hfl. 70 ,–. [ New ed. of Pott’s contribution to Friedrich Techmer’s Internationale Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (1884–90) – combined here for the first time – and his supplement to the “Einleitung” of 1887 covering the languages and their study in Europe from the first records to the 1880’s. To this has been added a bio-bibliographical account of Pott by Paul Horn (1863–1908) which first appeared in Adalbert Bezzenberger’s Beiträge zur Kunde der indogermanischen Sprachen 13.317–41 (1888), a portrait of Pott, a new preface (vii-xvi) and an index of names (489–502) by E. F. K. Koerner .]
. 1974 . Althochdeutsche Sprache und Literatur: Eine Einführung in das älteste Deutsch. Darstellung und Grammatik . (= Sammlung Göschen, 8005 .) Berlin & New York : W. de Gruyter , 272 pp. Paper, DM 16,80 .
ed. 1972 . A Reader on the Sanskrit Grammarians . (= Studies in Linguistics, 1 .) Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press , xxiv + 557 pp. Cloth , $ 35,00 . [ This anthology reprints excerpts, at times much too brief ones, from the earliest records of Sanskrit scholarship in the early medieval period up to the time of Humanism, followed by sections headed “The Foundations of Western Scholarship” (30–45), represented by Jean François (de) Pons (1698–1752) and Henry Thomas Colebrooke (1765–1837); “The Romantic Period” (49–64), represented by August Wilhelm (von) Schlegel (1767–1845) and Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767–1835); “The Golden Days” (70–134), represented by Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar (1837–1925) and Franz Kielhorn (1840–1908); “The Sceptics and their Critics” (138–204), represented by William Dwight Whitney (1827–94), Bruno Liebich (1862–1939), Otto Boehtlingk (1815–1904), and Georg Bühler (1837–98); “The Transition” (207–59), represented by Bernhard Geiger (1881–1964), and “The Modern Period” (264–525), with selections from the work of Leonard Bloomfield (1887–1949), Barend Faddegon (1874–1955), Kshitish Chandra Chatteriji (1896–1961), Paul Thieme (b.1905), Pierre Boudon, K. A. Subramania Iyer (b.1896), John Brough (b.1917), Yutaka Ojihira (b.1923), and Louis Renou (1896–1966). A bibliography (526–37), an “Index of Names” (539–43), an “Index of Sanskrit Terms” (544–49), and an “Index of Sutras” (550–57) complete the vol. – Cf., in addition to L. Romeo’s account mentioned above (see Colorado Research in Linguistics of May 1974), the reviews of this anthology by George Cardona in Language Sciences No.26.43–47 (Aug. 1973) and by T(ai)-S(hung) Paik in Lg 50:3.391–98 (Sept. 1974) .]
Theoretical Linguistics 1 : 1/2 ( 1974 ), 214 pp. Berlin & New York : W. de Gruyter . ( Editor : Helmut Schnelle ).
ed. 1972 . Z klasického obdobǐ prazské skoly, 1925–1945 . (= Prameny ceské a slovenské lingvistiky, 2 .) Prague : Academia , 76 pp. [ Classic papers by members of the first generation of the Prague School, Vilém Mathesius (1927), Bohuslav Havránek (1928), Vilém Mathesius (1929), Vladimǐr Skalicka (1936), Josef Vachek (1939), and Bohumil Trnka (1943), all of which have been translated into Czech for the first time .]
. 1972 . Linee generali del problema dell’analogia dal periodo schleicheriano a F. de Saussure . (= Biblioteca dell’Italia dialettale e di Studi e Saggi linguistici. 5 .) Pisa : Pacinl . 97 pp. [ A critical history of the concept of analogy in linguistics from an early statement by Wilhelm von Humboldt in 1812 (cf. p. 8) up to the theories laid down in the work of Albert Sechehaye published in 1908 (71–78) and Saussure’s lectures published in 1916 (78–96). In this study, the views of Victor Henry (1850–1907), Schleicher, Scherer, Brugmann and Osthoff, Curtius, Schuchardt, Ascoli, and others, as well as those of Paul, Wundt, and Kruszewski are related. Unfortunately, there is no bibliography and no index which would have increased the usefulness of the work considerably. – Cf. the review by Robert Godel in CFS 28.64–67 (1973[1974]) .]
1971 . John Mitchell Kemble and Jakob Grimm: A correspondence, 1832–1852 . Unpublished letters of Kemble and translated answers of Grimm, collected and edited. Leiden : E. J. Brill , xii + 356 pp. Cloth, Hfl. 72 ,–. [ A carefully edited – and printed – critical ed. of the 20-year correspondence between John Mitchell Kemble (1807–57), the distinguished Anglo-Saxon scholar, and Jacob Grimm, preceded by an “Introduction” (1–4) and an article, “John Mitchell Kemble’s lifetime debt to Jakob Grimm” (5–18), and followed by a detailed bibliography (314–32) and an index (333–56) .]