Historiographia Linguistica

Online-first articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

29 March 2024

Jacques van Ginneken and Significs
Els Elffers-van Ketel | 40 pp.

18 March 2024

Kritik über Walker (2022): Wilhelm von Humboldt and Transcultural Communication in a Multicultural World: Translating Humanity
Cord-Friedrich Berghahn | 10 pp.

4 March 2024

Anachronistic bias in the study of Arabic grammatical tradition: The case of the term ḥarf in Sībawayhi’s al-Kitāb
Almog Kasher | 26 pp.

1 February 2024

Kritik über McElvenny (2023): The Limits of Structuralism. Forgotten Texts in the History of Modern Linguistics
Clemens Knobloch | 9 pp.

12 January 2024

Review of Rundle (2022): The Routledge Handbook of Translation History
Wei Chen and Yue Liu | 12 pp.

9 January 2024

Strukturalismus und kein Ende?
Jörn Albrecht | 22 pp.