Internet Pragmatics

Online-first articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

22 September 2023

Review of Sadler (2022): Fragmented Narrative: Telling and Interpreting Stories in the Twitter Age
Melike Akay | 6 pp.

18 September 2023

Linguistic and discursive properties of hate speech and speech facilitating the expression of hatred: Evidence from Finnish and French online discussion boards
Simo K. Määttä | 17 pp.

15 September 2023

A pragmatic and discourse analysis of hate words on social media
Mattia Retta | 22 pp.

20 July 2023

Psychophysiological effects of evaluative language use on Twitter complaints and compliments
Nicolas Ruytenbeek, Jens Allaert and Marie-Anne Vanderhasselt | 26 pp.

30 May 2023

How to get more views: An analysis of metadiscoursal and discoursal linguistic cues in Arabic clickbait headlines
Mohammed Nahar Al-Ali, Meera B. Sahawneh and Safaa M. Hamzeh | 26 pp.