Instructions for authors

The Journal of English-Medium Instruction publishes original research articles on topics related to EMI. Review the journal’s full scope statement here.

Authors wishing to submit articles are requested to do so through the journal’s online submission and manuscript tracking site. All other enquiries should be directed towards the editors by e-mailing the editors at d.pecorari at and mahans at

Submitted manuscripts will undergo double-blind peer review. In order to maintain anonymity, all references to the author(s) should be excluded in the initial submission.

Manuscripts submitted for consideration to the journal should not be previously published or being considered for publication elsewhere.

All submissions should be written in English and prepared according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition, unless otherwise indicated here.


Full-length articles should be no more than 8,000 words, including references, tables, figures and notes.


Articles should include an abstract of 150-200 words.


All submissions should include four to six keywords that can be used for indexing purposes.


All submissions should be presented in Times New Roman, 12-point font. Please include page numbers in the manuscript.

Section Headings

Sections headings should be formatted according to APA style (7th ed.).


Contributions can use any standard variety of English spelling and should be consistent throughout the paper.

Tables, Figures, and Other Graphics

In the initial submission, authors should place tables, figures, and other graphics within the paper in the desired location. However, authors should be prepared to submit original artwork files separately upon final accepted submission. All tables and figures should be numbered consecutively and include a caption that is informative and concise. All tables and figures should be introduced in the text.


In-text references and reference list entries should conform to APA style (7th ed.).


Linguistic examples within the main text should be in italics, with bold type for further emphasis:

  • ...antecedents for pronominal this and these tend to be extended units of discourse…
  • ...noun phrases with more than one premodifying noun, such as justice department official
  • the conversion of verbs to nouns (as in strong increase or flow line)

Longer examples should be set apart from the main text with blank lines before and after, indented, and numbered. Examples should be referred to in the text by number (e.g., Example 1 shows that…). Italics, bold, and underlining can be used for further emphasis if needed. Examples:

(1) Specifically, we were interested in investigating the quantitative difference in the use of grammatical structures associated with registers over time.

(2) This may be explained by the presence of high fluctuations in the 1 min. data.


In order to maintain anonymity, acknowledgements, if any, should not be included in the initial submission. Authors of accepted papers may include a brief acknowledgements section in the final submission. This should be an unnumbered section immediately following the conclusion.


Notes should be kept to a minimum. Where necessary, use endnotes rather than footnotes. These should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper and included as an unnumbered section following the conclusion (or acknowledgements) section.


One or more appendix sections may be included after the references section.

Copyright permission

It is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain permission to reproduce any material that has been previously published.

Submissions which do not follow these guidelines, or which do not correspond to the focus of the journal, will be returned to authors without review.