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The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

19 July 2022

Review of Chiluwa (2021): Discourse and Conflict: Analysing Text and Talk of Conflict, Hate and Peace-building
Reviewed by Le Cheng and Xiaofang Chen | 4 pp.

15 July 2022

Review of van Dijk (2021): Antiracist Discourse in Brazil: From Abolition to Affirmative Action
Dimitris Serafis | 4 pp.

3 June 2022

Language and culture wars: The far right’s struggle against gender-neutral language
Iker Erdocia | 20 pp.
“First forced displacements, then slaughter” Discursive regulations of nature by the state and Sami in a Swedish TV documentary
Kirill Filimonov and Nico Carpentier | 20 pp.

24 May 2022

Review of Filardo-Llamas, Morales-López & Floyd (2021): Discursive Approaches to Sociopolitical Polarization and Conflict
Reviewed by Yushun Yang | 4 pp.

10 May 2022

Review of Leal (2021): English and Translation in the European Union: Unity and Multiplicity in the Wake of Brexit
Reviewed by Miao Hao | 3 pp.

15 April 2022

Review of Stefanie (2021): Discourses of the Arab revolutions in media and politics
Reviewed by Yi Li and Dan Huang | 4 pp.
Review of Price & Harbisher (2021): Power, Media, and the Covid-19 Pandemic: Framing Public Discourse
Reviewed by Yunyou Wang | 4 pp.

5 April 2022

Review of Verschueren (2021): Complicity in Discourse and Practice
Reviewed by Guodong Jiang and Yingying Zheng | 4 pp.

14 March 2022

Framing the political conflict discourse in Chinese media: A case study of Sino-US trade dispute
Lili Zhu | 23 pp.

11 March 2022

Populating ‘solidarity’ in political debate: Interrelational strategies of persuasion within the European Parliament in the aftermath of the Brexit
Hanna Rautajoki and Richard Fitzgerald | 22 pp.

9 March 2022

Policy discourse in times of crisis: Debating educational policy in Portugal in the years of austerity
Maria Álvares | 21 pp.

2 March 2022

Politician, activist… or hero? Rebel Narratives from Spanish 15-M movement
Joaquín Galindo-Ramírez, Germán Jaraíz-Arroyo and Macarena Hernández-Ramírez | 21 pp.
From more to less ‘Civil’ borderline discourses in mainstream media and government: Reflections on Turkey since 2002
Lyndon C.S. Way and İrem İnceoğlu | 26 pp.

24 February 2022

Temporal agency of social movements: A semio-chronotopic analysis of the Floyd protests
Rania Magdi Fawzy | 24 pp.
Utopia, war, and justice: The discursive construction of the state in ISIS’ political communications
Tara Mooney and Gareth Price | 22 pp.

11 February 2022

Review of Charteris-Black (2020): Metaphors of Coronavirus
Reviewed by Emily Faux | 4 pp.

4 February 2022

Review of Baker, Vessey & McEnery (2021): The Language of Violent Jihad : Constructed and deconstructed linguistically
Xiaoli Fu | 4 pp.

1 February 2022

Review of Pennycook (2021): Critical Applied Linguistics: A Critical Reintroduction
Reviewed by Ke Li and Shukang Li | 4 pp.

26 January 2022

Review of Feldman (2020): The Rhetoric of Political Leadership: Logic, and Emotion in Public Discourse
Neda Salahshour | 4 pp.

14 December 2021

Review of Wodak & Forchtner (2021): The Routledge Handbook of Language and Politics
Reviewed by Georgi Asatryan | 4 pp.
“These are not just slogans” Assertions of friendship between states
Zohar Kampf, Gadi Heimann and Lee Aldar | 22 pp.

6 December 2021

Review of Catalano & Waugh (2020): Critical Discourse Analysis, Critical Discourse Studies and Beyond
Reviewed by Junfang Mu and Lixin Zhang | 4 pp.

4 November 2021

Review of Jones (2021): Viral Discourse
Reviewed by Tingting Hu | 3 pp.
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