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The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

11 January 2022

“We” in the EU: (De) legitimizing power relations and status: The case of the 2019 European elections in Romania
Camelia Beciu and Mirela Lazăr | 20 pp.

20 December 2021

Review of Knoblock (2020): Language of Conflict: Discourses of the Ukrainian Crisis
Reviewed by Tingting Hu | 4 pp.

14 December 2021

Review of (2021):
Reviewed by Georgi Asatryan | 4 pp.
“These are not just slogans” Assertions of friendship between states
Zohar Kampf, Gadi Heimann and Lee Aldar | 22 pp.

6 December 2021

Review of Catalano & Waugh (2020): Critical Discourse Analysis, Critical Discourse Studies and Beyond
Reviewed by Junfang Mu and Lixin Zhang | 4 pp.
Review of Ajšić (2021): Language and Ethnonationalism in Contemporary West Central Balkans: A Corpus-based Approach
Zhonghua Wu and Le Cheng | 5 pp.

4 November 2021

Review of Jones (2021): Viral Discourse
Reviewed by Tingting Hu | 3 pp.

18 October 2021

When in parliamentary debate there is no debate: Argumentation strategies during Catalonia’s 2017 referendum
Gema Rubio-Carbonero and Núria Franco-Guillén | 23 pp.

13 October 2021

The Rise of the New Polish Far-right: An analysis of Grzegorz Braun’s discursive strategies
Marcin Kosman | 21 pp.

5 October 2021

Review of Zottola (2021): Transgender Identities in the Press: A Corpus-Based Discourse Analysis
Reviewed by Xinglong Wang | 4 pp.

29 September 2021

“It is in the nation-state that democracy resides” How the populist radical right discursively manipulates the concept of democracy in the EU parliamentary elections
Alexander Alekseev | 25 pp.
Integrating CDA with ideological rhetorical criticism in the investigation of Abe Cabinet’s discursive construction in “Indo-Pacific Strategy”
Weiqi Tian, Hongmei Chai and Lin Lu | 24 pp.

22 September 2021

Right-wing populist media events in Schengen Europe: The negotiated border discourse in-between nation states
Christian Lamour | 23 pp.

16 July 2021

Migrants are not welcome: Metaphorical framing of fled people in Hungarian online media, 2015–2018
Réka Benczes and Bence Ságvári | 22 pp.

7 July 2021

Review of McIntosh & Mendoza-Denton (2020): Language in the Trump Era: Scandals and Emergencies
Andrew S. Ross | 4 pp.
Strategic functions of linguistic impoliteness in US primary election debates
Christoph Schubert | 22 pp.

15 June 2021

Review of Italiano (2020): The Dark Side of Translation
Pan Xie | 4 pp.
Review of Tam (2020): Dialect and Nationalism in China, 1860–1960
Reviewed by Hebing Xu | 4 pp.

8 June 2021

Review of Gould & Tahmasebian (2020): The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Activism
Reviewed by Xiaorui Wang | 4 pp.
Review of Ni (2021): A Study on Outward Translation of Chinese Literature (1949–1966)
Bin Zhu | 4 pp.
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