Journal of Language and Politics

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

20 March 2023

Review of Akbari (2020): Iran’s Language Planning Confronting English Abbreviations: Persian Terminology Planning
Reviewed by Lingyun Lv and Renqiang Wang | 4 pp.

17 March 2023

Review of Musolff & Breeze (2022): Pandemic and Crisis Discourse Communicating COVID-19 and Public Health Strategy
Reviewed by Qian Ma | 4 pp.

14 March 2023

Review of Lütge, Merse & Rauschert (2022): Global Citizenship in Foreign Language Education: Concepts, Practices, Connections
Xiaoxiao Song | 4 pp.

7 March 2023

Review of Demasi, Burke & Tileagă (2021): Political communication: Discursive perspectives
Reviewed by Xinyue Wang and Enhua Guo | 5 pp.

24 February 2023

The European migrant crisis in Polish parliamentary discourse
Jakub Klepański, Maciej Hartliński and Arkadiusz Żukowski | 27 pp.
Review of Livnat, Shukrun-Nagar & Hirsch (2020): The Discourse of Indirectness: Cues, Voices and Functions
Yuan Ping | 4 pp.

7 February 2023

Inside the echo chamber: Legitimation tactics in the People’s Daily commentaries about the China-USA trade dispute
Xi Cheng | 25 pp.
Review of Li & Hu (2021): Reappraising Self and Others: A Corpus-based Study of Chinese Political Discourse in English Translation
Reviewed by Qiuxi Liu | 4 pp.
Review of Feldman (2021): When Politicians Talk: The Cultural Dynamics of Public Speaking
Kai Zhao | 4 pp.

20 December 2022

Review of Caimotto & Raus (2023): Lifestyle Politics in Translation: The Shaping and Re-shaping of Ideological Discourse

16 December 2022

Review of Statham (2022): Critical discourse analysis: A practical introduction to power in language
Yuchen Li and Yao Wang | 4 pp.

21 October 2022

Review of Li, Lui & Fung (2020): Systemic functional political discourse: A text-based study