Journal of Second Language Pronunciation

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet published in an issue.

8 July 2020

Second language comprehensibility as a dynamic construct
Pavel Trofimovich, Charles L. Nagle, Mary Grantham O’Brien, Sara Kennedy, Kym Taylor Reid and Lauren Strachan

7 July 2020

Effect of pronunciation instruction on L2 learners’ listening comprehension
Phung Dao, Mai Xuan Nhat Chi Nguyen and Ngoc Bao Chau Nguyen
Expanding the scope of L2 intelligibility research: Intelligibility, comprehensibility, and accentedness in L2 Spanish
Charles L. Nagle and Amanda Huensch
Review of Levis (2018) Intelligibility, oral communication, and the teaching of pronunciation
Reviewed by Ron I. Thomson

8 June 2020

L2 pronunciation networking and conferences
John M. Levis

9 March 2020

Testing the malleability of teachers’ judgments of second language speech
Kym Taylor Reid, Mary Grantham O’Brien, Pavel Trofimovich and Allison Bajt

25 February 2020

Review of (2011) Sounds: The Pronunciation App
Reviewed by Jonás Fouz-González
Review of Pennington & Rogerson-Revell (2019) English Pronunciation Teaching and Research: Contemporary Perspectives
Reviewed by Anastazija Kirkova-Naskova

11 February 2020

Pronunciation among adult Indigenous language learners: The case of SENĆOŦEN /t’/
Sonya Bird
Evaluating two ways for marking Swedish phonological length in written text: A production study
Bosse Thorén and Hyeseung Jeong

4 February 2020

The role of talker variability in the perceptual learning of Mandarin tones by American English listeners
Alif Silpachai