Journal of Second Language Pronunciation

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet published in an issue.

25 February 2020

Review of (2011) Sounds: The Pronunciation App
Reviewed by Jonás Fouz-González
Review of Pennington & Rogerson-Revell (2019) English Pronunciation Teaching and Research: Contemporary Perspectives
Reviewed by Anastazija Kirkova-Naskova
The Supra Tutor: Improving speaker comprehensibility through a fully online pronunciation course
Edna F. Lima
Review of Rao (2019) Key issues in the teaching of Spanish pronunciation: From description to pedagogy
Reviewed by Avizia Yim Long

13 February 2020

Rating L2 speaker comprehensibility on monologic vs. interactive tasks: What is the effect of speaking task type?
Dustin Crowther

11 February 2020

Pronunciation among adult Indigenous language learners: The case of SENĆOŦEN /t’/
Sonya Bird
Aiming for advanced intelligibility and proficiency using mobile ASR
Aurore Mroz
Evaluating two ways for marking Swedish phonological length in written text: A production study
Bosse Thorén and Hyeseung Jeong

4 February 2020

The role of talker variability in the perceptual learning of Mandarin tones by American English listeners
Alif Silpachai

25 November 2019

Does personality influence ratings of foreign accents?
Caitlin Gaffney and Stephanie Côté