Journal of Second Language Pronunciation

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

27 July 2021

The interplay of proficiency and study abroad experience on the prosody of L2 speech acts
Okim Kang, Alyssa Kermad and Naoko Taguchi | 27 pp.
Task engagement and comprehensibility in interaction: Moving from what second language speakers say to what they do
Pavel Trofimovich, Oguzhan Tekin and Kim McDonough | 27 pp.

11 March 2021

Perception of American English consonants /v/ and /w/ by Hindi speakers of English
Vikas Grover, Valerie L. Shafer, Luca Campanelli, D.H. Whalen and Erika S. Levy | 38 pp.

19 January 2021

Review of Poesová & Uličná (2019): Becoming a Pronunciation Teacher
Reviewed by Leticia Quesada Vázquez | 5 pp.