Journal of Second Language Studies

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

30 November 2021

What do (most of) our dispersion measures measure (most)? Dispersion?
Stefan Th. Gries | 35 pp.

12 November 2021

What do (some of) our association measures measure (most)? Association?
Stefan Th. Gries | 33 pp.

12 October 2021

Explicit versus non-explicit prosodic training in the learning of Spanish L2 stress contrasts by French listeners
Sandra Schwab and Volker Dellwo | 41 pp.

20 August 2021

The impact of one’s response to the teacher’s feedback on the same person’s and the partner’s learning in paired writing: An exploratory application of actor-partner interdependence model
Taichi Yamashita | 28 pp.

6 May 2021

The effects of prompt types on L2 learners’ textual emotionality and lexical complexity
Mahmoud Abdi Tabari and Yizhou Wang | 24 pp.
Crosslinguistic influence on L2 implicature computation for determiners
Jacee Cho | 28 pp.

9 April 2021

The impact of teaching approach on growth in L2 proficiency and self-efficacy: A longitudinal classroom-based study of TBLT and PPP
Justin Harris and Paul Leeming | 30 pp.

6 April 2021

Acquiring the core-peripheral distinction in split intransitivity: Evidence from L2 English
Lili Wu and Ryan Spring | 26 pp.