Edges, Heads, and Projections

Interface properties

| University of Quebec, Montreal
| University of New Brunswick, Saint John
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This collection deals with central issues in the syntax of clauses and their interfaces with the conceptual-intentional system. The book targets the syntactic properties that have an impact on the interpretation of discourse and temporal dependencies, functional fields including CP, pragmatic markers at the syntax-pragmatic interface, and on the possible parameterization of these properties. The papers in this volume bring to the fore the role of the edges (specifier and adjuncts), heads and projections in the grammar and at the interfaces. They address the question to what extent the relevant configurations at the level of edges, head, and projections determine the syntax/semantic, semantic/pragmatic connections. The contributions clarify the notion of edge and bring evidence that this notion is core to the analysis of various phenomena at the left periphery of clauses and phrases. This volume also discusses functional heads and their projections, particularly insofar as the properties of these heads determine the composition of the CP field, and cases where a CP may or may not be projected.
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 156]  2010.  vii, 265 pp.
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Table of Contents
List of contributors
Anna Maria Di Sciullo and Virginia Hill
Part I. Edges
Why edges are needed
Cedric Boeckx
Bare nouns with different edges
Tabea Ihsane
Implicit agentivity without agents in the syntax: A crosslinguistic analysis of SE-verbs
Patricia Cabredo Hofherr and Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin
On the edge-feature of particles, interjections, and short answers
Nicola Munaro
The grammar of polarity particles in Romanian
Donka F. Farkas
Part II. Heads and projections
Evidentials as generalized functional heads
Peggy Speas
On the pre-theoretical notion phrasal head : Ignoring the left periphery is always at your own risk
Alexander Grosu
Predication and the nature of non-finite relatives in Romance
Ion Giurgea and Elena Soare
On the asymmetry of root versus embedded clauses: Evidence from Shipibo second position clitics
José Camacho
The cartography of phases: Facts and inference in Meiteilon
Ayesha Kidwai
“The effort of the editors of this volume is highly commendable. The editors not only made a careful and insightful selection of relevant papers for this volume, but also ensured that the papers met the goals of the volume. Indeed, the papers are able to put into clear perspective the notion of phrase and the importance of heads, edges, and projections on interface legibility conditions that underlie development in linguistic minimalism. These ideas allow for a systematic parameterization of phasal heads cross-linguistically. [...] This volume is a useful resource for linguists and cognitive scientists who are interested in advances in minimalism and situating language within or outside human cognitive systems. Although the volume presupposes familiarity with the basics of linguistic minimalism, as espoused in Chomsky (1995), and more recently in Chomsky (2008), among others, it is also meant for interested members of the public with a more than casual interest in developments in theoretical linguistics, particularly, in minimalist linguistics.”
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