Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet published in an issue.

3 July 2020

Dimensions of bilingualism promoting cognitive control: Impacts of language context and onset age of active bilingualism on mixing and switching costs
Iryna Khodos and Christo Moskovsky

22 June 2020

A usage-based approach to productive use of inflectional patterns and level of lemma sophistication in adult heritage speakers’ performance: Convergence on the immigrant variety
Tuğba Karayayla
The effect of animacy on object pronoun distinctions in L2 Spanish
Michael Kevin Olsen and Alan Juffs

25 May 2020

How do Spanish heritage speakers in the US assign gender to English nouns in Spanish-English code-switching?: The effect of noun canonicity and codeswitcher type
Nofiya Denbaum and Ana de Prada Pérez
What transfers (or doesn’t) in the second language acquisition of English articles by learners from article-less native languages?
Tania Ionin, Sea Hee Choi and Qiufen Liu

15 May 2020

The syntactic status of English dative alternation structures in bilingual and in monolingual acquisition data
Raquel Fernández Fuertes and Silvia Sánchez Calderón

12 May 2020

Type of early bilingualism effect on the delateralization of /ʎ/ in Basque and Spanish
Ander Beristain
Cross-linguistic influence in word order: Effects of age, dominance and surface overlap
Jasmijn E. Bosch and Sharon Unsworth

23 March 2020

Children’s thinking-for-speaking: Bidirectional effects of L1 Turkish and L2 English for motion events
Aslı Aktan-Erciyes, Tilbe Goksun, Ali İzzet Tekcan and Ayhan Aksu-Koç

20 February 2020

The influence of first language at the semantics–pragmatic interface: Evidence from definite and demonstrative determiners in L2 English
Lulu Zhang

13 February 2020

Spoken word processing in bilingual older adults: Assessing within- and cross-language competition using the visual world task
Debra Titone, Julie Mercier, Aruna Sudarshan, Irina Pivneva, Jason Gullifer and Shari Baum

11 February 2020

Effects of bilingualism on statistical learning in preschoolers
Josje Verhagen and Elise de Bree

21 January 2020

What does and doesn’t affect L2 overt pronoun production: A Corpus Study of L1-English, L1-Korean, and L1-Mandarin L2 Speakers of Japanese
Marisa Nagano

16 January 2020

Multiple sclerosis and bilingualism: Some initial findings
Fraibet Aveledo, Yolanda Higueras, Theodoros Marinis, Arpita Bose, Christos Pliatsikas, Ariana Meldaña-Rivera, María Luisa Martínez-Ginés, José Manuel García-Domínguez, Alberto Lozano-Ros, Juan Pablo Cuello and Haydee Goicochea-Briceño

7 January 2020

Object clitic production in French-speaking L2 children and children with SLI: A longitudinal comparison of elicited and spontaneous language
Maureen Scheidnes, Laurice Tuller and Philippe Prévost

19 December 2019

Acquisition of quantified partitivity in Catalan-Spanish bilingualism: Influence from child-level and language-level factors
Adriana Soto-Corominas

29 October 2019

Differences in phonological awareness performance: Are there positive or negative effects of bilingual experience?
Claire Goriot, Sharon Unsworth, Roeland van Hout, Mirjam Broersma and James M. McQueen

24 October 2019

Verb learning and the acquisition of aspect: L1 transfer of verb semantics
Yumiko Nishi and Yasuhiro Shirai

4 October 2019

Language attitudes modulate phonetic interactions between languages in bilingual speakers in diglossic settings
Wai Ling Law, Olga Dmitrieva and Alexander L. Francis

16 September 2019

Cross-language effects of phonological and orthographic similarity in cognate word recognition: The role of language dominance
Haydee Carrasco-Ortiz, Mark Amengual and Stefan Th. Gries

6 August 2019

Restructuring in heritage grammars: Adjective-noun and numeral-noun expressions in Israeli Russian
Natalia Meir and Maria Polinsky

16 July 2019

Language dominance does not always predict cross-linguistic interactions in bilingual speech production
Mark Amengual and Miquel Simonet

10 July 2019

Comment Clauses and mood choice in New York City Spanish: Generational constraints and innovations
Kevin Martillo Viner

5 July 2019

Cross-linguistic influence in the development of null arguments in early successive bilingual acquisition
Aldona Sopata

3 June 2019

Present tense verb morphology of Spanish HL and L2 children in dual immersion: Feature Reassembly revisited
Ana Fernández-Dobao and Julia Herschensohn
Visual working memory load constrains language non-selective activation under task-demands
Seema Prasad, Shiji Viswambharan and Ramesh Kumar Mishra

29 April 2019

A new look at the question of the bilingual advantage: Dual mechanisms of cognitive control
Tanya Dash, Pierre Berroir, Ladan Ghazi-Saidi, Daniel Adrover-Roig and Ana Inès Ansaldo

21 March 2019

Effects of cumulative language exposure on heritage and majority language skills: Spanish and Mandarin heritage speakers in the USA
Lily Tao, Qing Cai and Tamar H. Gollan

25 February 2019

L1 and L2 transfer to L3 in L3 and L2 learners of Standard Arabic
Abdulkafi Albirini, Eman Saadah and Mohammad T. Alhawary

6 February 2019

Correlations between linguistic change and linguistic performance among heritage speakers of Danish in Argentina
Jan Heegård Petersen, Gert Foget Hansen and Jacob Thøgersen

25 January 2019

Vocabulary development in closely-related languages: Age, word type and cognate facilitation effects in bilingual Swedish-German preschool children
Josefin Lindgren and Ute Bohnacker

8 January 2019

The acquisition of L3 variation among early bilinguals: The roles of L2 experience, home language and linguistic factors
Mihi Park and Rebecca Lurie Starr

17 December 2018

When actions and looks don’t line up: The contribution of referential and prosodic information in the processing of PP ambiguities in child-L2 speakers of English
Carla Contemori, Lucia Pozzan, Phillip Galinsky and Paola E. Dussias

10 December 2018

Language bias and proficiency effects on cross-language activation: A comprehension and production comparison
María Teresa Martínez García

6 November 2018

Bilingualism and aging: Why research should continue
Nicola Del Maschio, Davide Fedeli and Jubin Abutalebi

10 September 2018

Language reconfiguration in bilinguals: A study with Huntington’s disease patients
Marco Calabria, Jesús Pérez Pérez, Saúl Martínez-Horta, Andrea Horta-Barba, Mar Carceller, Jaime Kulisevsky and Albert Costa

3 September 2018

Interpreting cognitive decline in the face of cognitive reserve: Does bilingualism affect cognitive aging?
Ellen Bialystok, John A. E. Anderson and John G. Grundy