Language Problems and Language Planning 29:2

[Language Problems and Language Planning, 29:2]  2005.  107 pp.
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Table of Contents
Articles / Aufsätze
Globalisation and national communities of communication
Joseph Lo Bianco
Language transmission in the family in Wales: An example of innovative language planning
Viv K. Edwards and Lynda Pritchard Newcombe
From internationalisation to globalisation: Language and the nationalist revival in Sweden
Leigh Oakes
Interlinguistics / Interlingüística / Interlinguistik / Interlingvistiko
Glück im Unglück: Das Esperantomuseum an der Nationalbibliothek Wien 1938–45
Christina Köstner
Reviews / Crìticas / Rezensionen / Recenzoj
Tove Skutnabb-Kangas. Linguistic Genocide in Education — or Worldwide Diversity and Human Rights?
Compte rendu par Edmond Brent et Cora O. Brent-Palmer
Tessa Carroll. Language Planning and Language Change in Japan
Reviewed by Haitao Liu
Eugene Albert Nida. Fascinated by Languages
Reviewed by John Algeo
N.H. Itagi and Shailendra Kumar Singh (eds.). Linguistic Landscaping in India, with Particular Reference to the New States
Reviewed by Durk Gorter
Abram de Swaan. Words of the World: The Global Language System
Reviewed by Humphrey Tonkin
Roger M. Thompson. Filipino English and Taglish: Language Switching from Multiple Perspectives
Reviewed by Robert N. St. Clair
Humphrey Tonkin and Timothy Reagan (eds.) Language in the Twenty-First Century: Selected Papers of the Millennial Conferences of the Center for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems, Held at the University of Hartford and Yale University
Reviewed by John Algeo
Muhammad Hasan Amara and ‘Abd al-Rahmān Mar‘I. Language Education Policy: The Arab Minority in Israel
Reviewed by Ghalib Anabsi
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BISAC Subject: LAN009000 – LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Linguistics / General