Biomedical Natural Language Processing

| University of Colorado, School of Medicine
| National Library of Medicine
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Biomedical Natural Language Processing is a comprehensive tour through the classic and current work in the field. It discusses all subjects from both a rule-based and a machine learning approach, and also describes each subject from the perspective of both biological science and clinical medicine. The intended audience is readers who already have a background in natural language processing, but a clear introduction makes it accessible to readers from the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology, as well. The book is suitable as a reference, as well as a text for advanced courses in biomedical natural language processing and text mining.
[Natural Language Processing, 11]  2014.  xi, 160 pp.
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Table of Contents
List of figures
1. Introduction to natural language processing
2. Historical background
3. Named entity recognition
4. Relation extraction
5. Information retrieval/document classification
6. Concept normalization
7. Ontologies and computational lexical semantics
8. Summarization
9. Question-answering
10. Software engineering
11. Corpus construction and annotation
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“[…] a great job of distilling a huge amount of work!”
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