Selected papers of the International Pragmatics Conference, Antwerp, August 17–22, 1987

3 Volumes (set)

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These three volumes provide a representative picture of the scholarly substance of the highly successful pragmatics conference held in Antwerp. Volume I collects those papers which focus on fundamental questions such as: the relationship of pragmatics to grammar and semantics, intentionality, communicative success, the status of literal meaning, the nature of utterances in conversation, the notion of argumentation, the acquisition of reference and conversational skills, the problem of the computational processing of communication. Volume II takes the view that speaking consists of the adaptive making of choices, and so provides papers dealing with a spectrum of different levels of linguistic structure at which adaptation processes operate. Topics covered are: intonation patterns, morphemes, particles, modal auxiliaries, anaphoric relations, reference and deixis, possessive constructions, topic constructions, adjacency pairs, discourse and conversation, text, style, language varieties, and language. Volume III combines papers from the Ghent Symposium on Intercultural Communication, to focus on the special problems involved with intercultural and international communication.
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 6:S] 1991.  900 pp.
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