Pragmatic Meaning and Cognition

Sophia Marmaridou | University of Athens
ISBN 9789027250872 (Eur) | EUR 115.00
ISBN 9781556199196 (USA) | USD 173.00
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ISBN 9781556198373 (USA) | USD 57.00
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This book provides a good overview of philosophical and cognitive approaches to language use and meaning. A synthesis of such approaches leads to a dynamic concept of pragmatic meaning which is on the one hand grounded in cognition and motivated by linguistic and cultural convention and, on the other, creates a framework for studying the interactive and social dimensions of the development of meaning in linguistic communication. Through an experientialist approach based on connectionist models, the author shows that by internalizing pragmatic meaning people become social agents who reproduce, challenge or change their social parameters during interaction.

Pragmatic Meaning and Cognition is suitable as a course book in Pragmatics and Semantics and of interest to those concerned with cognitive models and dynamic and social aspects of linguistic communication.

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 72] 2000.  xii, 322 pp.
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“On the whole, this is a fascinating and highly readable book that will be of interest to cognitive linguists and pragmatics scholars.

[...] this book represents a "must read" for all those interested in pragmatics, and the applicability of cognitive linguistics to such topics.

“[...] Pragmatic Meaning and Cognition is a provocative and inspiring work, which offers several links between pragmatic issues and the cognitive linguistics paradigm and a new and quite promising perspective on how to look at the most basic processes of human communication.”
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