Andrew Pawley

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The paper begins by observing that the notion of what a language consists of is problematical, reflected in one scholar's comment that, for the interpreter of texts, “language appears to begin where analytical grammar leaves off”. Section 2 describes ‘speech act formulas’ as conventional bundles of… read more | Chapter
Pawley, Andrew 2009 On the origins of serial verb constructions in KalamSyntactic Complexity: Diachrony, acquisition, neuro-cognition, evolution, Givón, T. and Masayoshi Shibatani (eds.), pp. 119–144
In Kalam, a Trans New Guinea language spoken in Papua New Guinea, there are two main types of serial verb construction (SVC), showing different degrees of morphosyntactic complexity. Compact SVCs contain from two to four verb roots that form a single, semantically and syntactically very tight-knit… read more | Article
Pawley, Andrew and Jonathan Lane 1998 From event sequence to grammar: serial verb constructions in KalamCase, Typology and Grammar: In honor of Barry J. Blake, Siewierska, Anna and Jae Jung Song (eds.), pp. 201 ff.
Pawley, Andrew 1994 15 Kalam Exponents of Lexical and Semantic PrimitivesSemantic and Lexical Universals: Theory and empirical findings, Goddard, Cliff and Anna Wierzbicka (eds.), pp. 387 ff.