Paul Boucher

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Subjects Romance linguistics | Translation Studies


Boucher, Paul 2010 Wh-questions in French and English: Mapping syntax to information structureComparative and Contrastive Studies of Information Structure, Breul, Carsten and Edward Göbbel (eds.), pp. 101–138 | Article
As opposed to English, French wh-questions can take a wide variety of forms. I identify four basic patterns: (a) wh- in situ: Vous êtes allés où?; (b) wh- raised, verb in situ: Où vous êtes allés?; (c) est-ce que insertion: Où est-ce que vous êtes allés?; (d) subject-clitic inversion: Où êtes-vous… read more
Boucher, Paul 2006 Mapping function to form: Adjective positions in FrenchOrdre des mots et topologie de la phrase française, Gerdes, Kim et Claude Muller (dir.), pp. 43–60 | Article
The position and meaning of Modern French adjectives is discussed in the generative syntax framework. The classical analysis of Cinque (1995), by N-raising to some functional position, is rejected for a number of reasons, notably its inability to account for changes in position since the Old… read more
Boucher, Paul 2003 1. Determiner Phrases in Old and Modern FrenchFrom NP to DP: Volume 1: The syntax and semantics of noun phrases, Coene, Martine and Yves D’hulst (eds.), pp. 47–69 | Chapter