Yanmei Li

List of John Benjamins publications for which Yanmei Li plays a role.


Gu, Lixiong, Yanmei Li, Lora Monfils and Spiros Papageorgiou. 2023. Chapter 4. Statistical methodology for developing vertical scales for language tests. Meaningful Language Test Scores: Research to enhance score interpretation, Papageorgiou, Spiros and Venessa F. Manna (eds.), pp. 61–77
This chapter is the last of the three chapters that describe the process of design and implementation of a vertical linking project for language tests based on a multi-year project for the TOEFL® Family of Assessments. The chapter focuses on the statistical methodology for developing the listening… read more | Chapter
Michel, Marije C., Andrea Révész, Danni Shi and Yanmei Li. 2019. Chapter 6. The effects of task demands on linguistic complexity and accuracy across task types and L1/L2 speakers. Researching L2 Task Performance and Pedagogy: In honour of Peter Skehan, Wen, Zhisheng (Edward) and Mohammad Javad Ahmadian (eds.), pp. 133–152
The relationship between task variables and linguistic production has been the object of much second language (L2) research. This study contributes to this line of research by investigating the extent to which increasing cognitive task demands affects the syntactic complexity and accuracy of L2… read more | Chapter