Francisco José Salguero-Lamillar

List of John Benjamins publications for which Francisco José Salguero-Lamillar plays a role.


Jiménez Palmero, Diego, José Luis Pro, Francisco José Salguero-Lamillar and José Francisco Quesada 2020 Chapter 5. ELEna: An interdisciplinary researchControversies and Interdisciplinarity: Beyond disciplinary fragmentation for a new knowledge model, Allwood, Jens, Olga Pombo, Clara Renna and Giovanni Scarafile (eds.), pp. 95–113 | Chapter
This paper focuses on the description of the controversies that arise from the interdisciplinary work necessary for the creation of an on-line platform for learning Spanish as a foreign language, which we call ELEna. The platform develops the learning of written expression skills, thus promoting… read more
Salguero-Lamillar, Francisco José 2016 Cognition and metaphor as bases for the Principle of translatability and the Principle of synonymyInsights in Translation for Specific Purposes: Special issue of Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts 2:1 (2016), d’Angelis, Antonella, Estefanía Flores Acuña and Francisco Núñez-Roman (eds.), pp. 124–141 | Article
The problem of equivalence in translation is sometimes falsely related to the translation of lexical meanings. In this paper we take the problem to the field of mapping cognitive functions among mental categories and their representations as concepts. This requires engaging all lexical and… read more