Miyuki Sasaki

List of John Benjamins publications for which Miyuki Sasaki plays a role.


Roever, Carsten, Yuki Higuchi, Miyuki Sasaki, Tomoko Yashima and Makiko Nakamuro. 2023. Validating a test of L2 routine formulae to detect pragmatics learning in stay abroad. Applied Pragmatics 5:1, pp. 41–63
There has long been interest in the effect of stay abroad on pragmatic development in second language (L2) pragmatics research. However, few testing instruments exist to assess pragmatics learning in stay abroad and provide information about learners’ development to help institutions evaluate… read more | Article
The competing demands of teaching, research, and service seem to never end. Consequently, as academics, we often find ourselves feeling unable to realize our professional goals while also maintaining a life outside of work. Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all way to achieve or… read more | Chapter
This article reports on two quasi-experimental studies that investigated the possible development and transfer of audience awareness in novice EFL writers as they engaged in online writing tasks through a Social Networking Service (SNS). Japanese students from two universities were asked to write,… read more | Article