Angela Scarino

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Describing School Achievement in Asian Languages for Diverse Learner Groups

Edited by Angela Scarino and Catherine Elder

Special issue of Australian Review of Applied Linguistics 35:3 (2012) 147 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Language acquisition | Language policy | Language teaching | Multilingualism | Pragmatics | Translation Studies | Writing and literacy


O'Neill, Fiona, Jonathan Crichton and Angela Scarino 2019 Developing intercultural learning capabilities: A case study in higher educationLanguage and Intercultural Communication Pedagogies in Australian Higher Education, Moore, Paul J. and Adriana Díaz (eds.), pp. 125–145 | Article
This paper reports on a semester-long study that explored the experience of a group of local and international students from multiple disciplines, and their teachers, in a core Intercultural Communication undergraduate course of 550 students in which there is an orientation to learning, teaching… read more
This paper examines the development of the First Language Maintenance and Development (FLMD) program in South Australia. This program is the main language policy activity that specifically focuses on language maintenance in government primary schools and has existed since 1986. During this time,… read more
Scarino, Angela 2012 PrefaceDescribing School Achievement in Asian Languages for Diverse Learner Groups, Scarino, Angela and Catherine Elder (eds.), pp. 225–230 | Miscellaneous
In school languages education in Australia at present there is an increasing diversity of languages and learners learning particular languages that results from a greater global movement of students. This diversity builds on a long-established profile of diversity that reflects the migration… read more
This paper addresses changing meanings attached to the concept of “community” in languages education in the school setting in Australia. The change consists of a shift from “community” as a necessary definitional category, created in the mid 1970s to mark the recognition of languages other than… read more
The internationalisation of education has become a major focus of international, national and institutional attention, reflected in a substantial and expanding literature on how internationalisation is manifested, how it might be promoted, its implications for areas such as government policy,… read more
The Australian Language Levels (ALL) Project is a national project funded jointly by the Curriculum Development Council, Canberra and the S.A. Education Department. It has been set up to develop an organizational framework and curriculum guidelines which will permit all those involved in language… read more