Mira Milic

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mira Milic plays a role.


Milic, Mira and Aleksandra Kardoš 2019 Adaptation of gymnastics terms from English into Serbian: Theoretical and practical aspectsTranslation and Challenges of the Third Millennium, De Laet, Frans, Brankica Bojović and Boris Hlebec (eds.), pp. 852–874
Within the framework of an ever-increasing influx of English-based sports terms into Serbian, the paper will elucidate certain issues related to the actual and recommended adaptation of gymnastics terms in everyday use, as a contribution to A New English-Serbian Dictionary of Sports Terms. The… read more | Article
This paper deals with the following topics: (a) theoretical aspects of terminology with special emphasis on English-Serbian language contacts, (b) contrastive semantic and morphosyntactic analysis of the corpus containing English and Serbian terms of the five most popular ball games in the region,… read more | Article