Bertil Sundby

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A Dictionary of English Normative Grammar 1700–1800 (DENG)

Bertil Sundby, Anne Kari Bjørge and Kari E. Haugland

Subjects Dictionaries | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | History of linguistics | Syntax


Sundby, Bertil 1979 A Seventeenth-Century Polyglot GrammarHistoriographia Linguistica 6:1, pp. 1–14 | Article
Jean Sterpin was a Frenchman who flourished in Copenhagen in the mid-nth century. His claim to recognition rests on his polyglot grammar, Institu-tiones Glotticæ (c. l668). Sterpin was acquainted with the language philosophy of Comenius, whose Janua Linguarum (1631) had set the pattern of the… read more