Zsuzsanna Fagyal

Zsuzsanna Fagyal

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Subjects Generative linguistics | Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Fagyal, Zsuzsanna and Christopher M. Stewart. 2011. Prosodic style-shifting in preadolescent peer-group interactions in a working-class suburb of Paris. Ethnic Styles of Speaking in European Metropolitan Areas, Kern, Friederike and Margret Selting (eds.), pp. 75–99
In this chapter, we study the variable use of phrase-final intonation contours in French by male adolescents recorded in guided interviews in a multi-ethnic working-class suburb of Paris. We show that speakers use pragmatically neutral rising or falling intonation when listing target words… read more | Article
We investigate the extent of regressive vowel-to-vowel assimilation in trisyllabic words in French. Sixty existing words were inserted in a carrier sentence, each containing /a/ in word-initial unstressed position, and /a/ or /i/ in word-medial unstressed and word-final stressed positions. Acoustic… read more | Article
This paper shows that in the 17th century various attempts were made to build fully automatic speaking devices resembling those exhibited in the late 18th-century in France and Germany. Through the analysis of writings by well-known 17th-century scientists, and a document hitherto unknown in the… read more | Article