Daniel Valois

List of John Benjamins publications for which Daniel Valois plays a role.


Bouchard, David-Étienne, Heather Burnett and Daniel Valois. 2011. Degree fronting in Québec French and the syntactic structure of degree quantifier DPs. Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2009: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Nice 2009, Berns, Janine, Haike Jacobs and Tobias Scheer (eds.), pp. 39–54
In this paper, we compare two syntactic constructions involving degree adverbs in English and Québec French: the Degree Fronting (DF) construction and the Intensification at a Distance (IAD) construction. We argue that, although they display some similar properties, these similarities are… read more | Article
Labelle, Marie and Daniel Valois. 2004. Functional categories and the acquisition of distance quantification. The Acquisition of French in Different Contexts: Focus on functional categories, Prévost, Philippe and Johanne Paradis (eds.), pp. 27–49
Valois, Daniel. 1997. Neg-Movement and Wh-Movement. Negation and Polarity: Syntax and semantics. Selected papers from the colloquium Negation: Syntax and Semantics. Ottawa, 11–13 May 1995, Forget, Danielle, Paul Hirschbühler, France Martineau and María Luisa Rivero (eds.), pp. 341 ff.
Mougeon, Raymond, Édouard Beniak and Daniel Valois. 1986. Is child language a possible source of linguistic variation ?. Diversity and Diachrony, Sankoff, David, pp. 347–358