James K. Watters

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Watters, James K. 2017 Tlachichilco Tepehua: Semantics and function of verb valency changeVerb Valency Changes: Theoretical and typological perspectives, Álvarez González, Albert and Ia Navarro (eds.), pp. 166–192 | Chapter
Tlachichilco Tepehua, like other Tepehua and Totonacan languages, has a rich system of morphology that modifies verb valency. There are five constructions that affect core arguments of the verb: the dative and causative and the four valency-decreasing constructions ─ passive, antipassive, body-part… read more
The kinds of change brought about by Spanish influence on two Tepehua (Totonacan) languages are of three types: structure-preserving change, including borrowing of all word classes; structure-changing processes in the phonology; and the structure-preferring influence of Spanish in progressive and… read more
In Tepehua (Totonacan, Mexico), verb-verb constructions are of two kinds: verb-verb compounds and verb-as-operator constructions. In verb-verb compounds, the second verb is the head of the construction and the two verbs may or may not be separated by inflection. These compounds parallel… read more
Traditional “projectionist” accounts of transitivity project the argument structure of a clause from the head verb. Some studies within Construction Grammar have shown this does not account for cases in which syntactic frames override a verb’s inherent transitivity, arguing instead that… read more
Watters, James K. 1992 An investigation of Turkish clause linkageAdvances in Role and Reference Grammar, Van Valin Jr., Robert D. (ed.), pp. 535 ff. | Article