Fernando Sánchez Rodas

List of John Benjamins publications for which Fernando Sánchez Rodas plays a role.


Corpas Pastor, Gloria and Fernando Sánchez Rodas 2023 EU phraseological verbal patterns in the PETIMOD 2.0 corpus: A NER-enhanced approachHandbook of Terminology: Volume 3. Legal Terminology, Biel, Łucja and Hendrik J. Kockaert (eds.), pp. 397–430 | Chapter
Texts from the European Union exhibit a high degree of formulaicity (Biel 2014). This chapter will study phraseological patterns in PETIMOD 2.0, an English<>Spanish intermodal corpus of the EU Committee on Petitions. The first part briefly overviews the corpus-based research on EU institutional… read more
Corpas Pastor, Gloria and Fernando Sánchez Rodas 2021 Chapter 1. Now what? A fresh look at language technologies and resources for translators and interpretersCorpora in Translation and Contrastive Research in the Digital Age: Recent advances and explorations, Lavid-López, Julia, Carmen Maíz-Arévalo and Juan Rafael Zamorano-Mansilla (eds.), pp. 23–48 | Chapter
This chapter provides a brief outline of language technologies applied to translation and interpreting with a view to identifying challenges and research opportunities. Section 1 covers new trends within the automation of processes, the integration of language technologies in translators and… read more