Roger Böhm

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Substance-based Grammar – The (Ongoing) Work of John Anderson

Edited by Roger Böhm and Harry van der Hulst

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 204] 2018. vii, 443 pp.
Subjects Phonology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Under a stipulative/persuasive redefinition that has been offered in recent syntax handbook work (among other places) as a purported sharpening of the distinction between dependency vs. constituency-based descriptions of syntactic constructions impeccable dependency descriptions can be fallaciously… read more | Chapter
Hulst, Harry van der and Roger Böhm 2018 IntroductionSubstance-based Grammar – The (Ongoing) Work of John Anderson, Böhm, Roger and Harry van der Hulst (eds.), pp. 1–6