Claas Riecken

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Riecken, Claas 2022 Dietrich Hofmann und die Anfänge der Nordfriesischen Wörterbuchstelle in KielFrom West to North Frisia: A Journey along the North Sea Coast, Walker, Alastair, Eric Hoekstra, Goffe Jensma, Wendy Vanselow, Willem Visser and Christoph Winter (eds.), pp. 303–324 | Chapter
The North Frisian Dictionary Centre at the University of Kiel has been in existence since 1950. At first it was part of the Department of Scandinavian Studies, whose directors Hans Kuhn and Dietrich Hofmann were also in charge of it, Kuhn from 1950 to 1974 and Hofmann from 1974 to 1978. When Bo… read more