Rune Pettersson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Rune Pettersson plays a role.


Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Pettersson, Rune 2019 ID practice and theoryInformation Design Journal 25:3, pp. 242–248 | Article
This article describes some of many definitions of information design. Practical as well as theoretical aspects are important in information design. It is an applied science. We may view information design, as a “combined discipline,” as a “practical theory,” or as a “theoretical practice.” As an… read more
Pettersson, Rune 2001 Attention: An information design perspectiveDocument Design 2:2, pp. 114–130 | Article
We do not become conscious of all the stimuli detected by our sensory organs. The selective process that controls our awareness of events in the environment is called attention. The process of attention determines which events we become conscious of. Attention may be controlled (1) automatically,… read more