Judith Rochecouste

List of John Benjamins publications for which Judith Rochecouste plays a role.


Oliver, Rhonda, Judith Rochecouste, Samantha Vanderford and Ellen Grote 2011 Teacher awareness and understandings about Aboriginal English in Western AustraliaAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 34:1, pp. 60–74 | Article
Repeated assessments of literacy skills have shown that Aboriginal students do not achieve at the same level as their non-Aboriginal peers. Many Aboriginal students speak Aboriginal English, a dialect different from the Standard Australian English used in schools. Research shows that it is crucial… read more
Kaldor, Susan and Judith Rochecouste 2002 General academic writing and discipline specific academic writingLiteracies: Tertiary contexts, Golebiowski, Zosia, pp. 29–47 | Article
Malcolm, Ian G. and Judith Rochecouste 2000 Event and story schemas in australian aboriginal English discourseEnglish World-Wide 21:2, pp. 261–289 | Article
The Yamatji people of Western Australia, although largely monolingual speakers of English, maintain an Aboriginal English variety for purposes of intra-group communication. A corpus of forty oral narratives by young Yamatji speakers was analysed and interpreted by a cross-cultural research team.… read more