Maya Khemlani David

List of John Benjamins publications for which Maya Khemlani David plays a role.


David, Maya Khemlani, Mumtaz Ali and Gul Muhammad Baloch. 2017. Language shift or maintenance: The case of the Sindhi language in Pakistan. Language Problems and Language Planning 41:1, pp. 26–45
Pakistan is a multilingual country with six major and over 59 minor languages. However, the languages used by the domains of power, (government, corporate sector, media and education), are English and Urdu. Compared to the other regional languages in Pakistan, the Sindhi language has a more… read more | Article
Only two out of over 70 indigenous mother tongues are recognized in schools in Pakistan. This study examines orientations of the governments’ language-in-education policies, and scrutinizes the influence the policies exert on vitality of indigenous mother tongues, and the perceptions of their… read more | Article