Anna Wärnsby

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anna Wärnsby plays a role.


Wärnsby, Anna. 2016. On the adequacy of a constructionist approach to modality. Modal Meaning in Construction Grammar, Cappelle, Bert and Ilse Depraetere (eds.), pp. 40–53
When speakers are confronted with modal expressions in their native language, specifically those that contain a modal verb, they are able to interpret these expressions as epistemic or non-epistemic, for example. But what enables the speakers to interpret these modal expressions instantly and… read more | Article
Wärnsby, Anna, Asko Kauppinen, Andreas Eriksson, Maria Wiktorsson, Eckhard Bick and Leif-Joran Olsson. 2016. Building interdisciplinary bridges: MUCH: The Malmö University-Chalmers Corpus of Academic Writing as a Process. New Approaches to English Linguistics: Building bridges, Timofeeva, Olga, Anne-Christine Gardner, Alpo Honkapohja and Sarah Chevalier (eds.), pp. 197–211
This paper describes a corpus of writing as a process (MUCH), comprising English as a Foreign Language (EFL) student texts. The corpus will contain a large number of richly annotated papers in several versions from students of different performance levels. It will also include peer and instructor… read more | Article