Karl A. Krippes

List of John Benjamins publications for which Karl A. Krippes plays a role.


Krippes, Karl A. 1992 The Phonetic History of Korean NumeralsKorean Linguistics 7, pp. 1–9 | Article
The purpose of this paper is, first, to survey the history of the linguistic study of Korean numerals. Secondly, drawing from dialectal information, Old and Middle Korean, and employing the facts of Korean historical linguistics, the proto-Silla (not proto Korean) numerals will be reconstructed. If… read more
Krippes, Karl A. 1990 Prospects for Korean-Altaic Comparative LinguisticsKorean Linguistics 6, pp. 1–9 | Article
Krippes, Karl A. 1989 Review of Kang (1988): Hankwuk-e Kye Thong NonDiachronica 6:1, pp. 141–150 | Review