Aritz Irurtzun

List of John Benjamins publications for which Aritz Irurtzun plays a role.


Duguine, Maia and Aritz Irurtzun 2021 Chapter 9. On the role of prosody in wh-in-situ: Cross-linguistic comparison and experimental evidence from BasqueSyntactic Geolectal Variation: Traditional approaches, current challenges and new tools, Cerrudo, Alba, Ángel J. Gallego and Francesc Roca Urgell (eds.), pp. 263–294 | Chapter
A growing number of works propose a direct role of PF in the generation of wh-in-situ. Relying mainly on data from Basque, we critically evaluate two such proposals (Richards, 2010; Mathieu, 2016) and argue that they face a range of empirical and conceptual shortcomings. We contrast these with the… read more
Elordieta, Gorka and Aritz Irurtzun 2016 Pitch accent tonal alignment in declarative sentences in the Spanish of the Basque Country: A study of language contactIntonational Grammar in Ibero-Romance: Approaches across linguistic subfields, Armstrong, Meghan E., Nicholas Henriksen and Maria del Mar Vanrell (eds.), pp. 25–44 | Article
Previous studies like Elordieta (2003) and Elordieta and Calleja (2005) suggested that the fact that speakers of Lekeitio Spanish produced systematic L+H pitch accents could be due to partial transfer from the H+L pitch accent of their native Basque dialect (transfer of H). Here, we analyse three… read more
Irurtzun, Aritz 2016 Strategies for argument and adjunct focalization in BasqueMicroparameters in the Grammar of Basque, Fernández, Beatriz and Jon Ortiz de Urbina (eds.), pp. 243–264 | Article
In this chapter, I provide an overview of the different strategies employed for Wh-questions and focalizations across Basque dialects. I argue that a core property of Basque syntax is the fact that both Wh- and focus phrases undergo syntactic (A′-type) displacements, and that they exhibit the main… read more
Irurtzun, Aritz 2006 Focus and clause structuration in the minimalist programMinimalist Essays, Boeckx, Cedric (ed.), pp. 68–96 | Article