Katie Von Holzen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Katie Von Holzen plays a role.


Bobb, Susan C., Laila Y.D. Nauck, Nicole Altvater-Mackensen, Katie Von Holzen and Nivedita Mani. 2016. Chapter 2. Listening with your cohort: Do bilingual toddlers co-activate cohorts from both languages when hearing words in one language alone?. Cognitive Control and Consequences of Multilingualism, Schwieter, John W. (ed.), pp. 47–70
Bilingual children, like bilingual adults, co-activate both languages during word recognition and production. But what is the extent of this co-activation? In the present study, we asked whether or not bilingual preschool children activate a shared phonological cohort across languages when hearing… read more | Article