Winifred V. Davies

List of John Benjamins publications for which Winifred V. Davies plays a role.


Davies, Winifred V. 2012 Myths we live and speak by: Ways of imagining and managing language and languagesStandard Languages and Multilingualism in European History, Hüning, Matthias, Ulrike Vogl and Olivier Moliner (eds.), pp. 45–70 | Article
This chapter examines beliefs about language(s), showing how they are rooted in and help maintain a standard language ideology, i.e. the conviction that certain languages exist in uniform standardised forms and that such forms are desirable. Such an ideology is widespread, although not universal,… read more
Wagner, Melanie and Winifred V. Davies 2009 The role of World War II in the development of Luxembourgish as a national languageLuxembourg, Horner, Kristine (ed.), pp. 112–131 | Article
This paper explores the link between explicit Luxembourgish language policy and the actual practices as well as expressed attitudes of a group of speakers of Luxembourgish, with the aim of studying the role of World War II in the advancement of Luxembourgish as Luxembourg’s national language. The… read more