Ana Beatriz Arêas da Luz Fontes

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ana Beatriz Arêas da Luz Fontes plays a role.


Baumvol, Laura, Simone Sarmento and Ana Beatriz Arêas da Luz Fontes 2021 Scholarly publication of Brazilian researchers across disciplinary communitiesJournal of English for Research Publication Purposes 2:1, pp. 5–29 | Article
This paper examines the context of scholarly knowledge production and dissemination in Brazil by comparing the publishing practices in both Portuguese and in English of Brazilian scholars who hold a research grant, across eight fields of knowledge. Data consists of 1,874 Curricula Vitae and the… read more
Degani, Tamar, Anat Prior, Chelsea M. Eddington, Ana Beatriz Arêas da Luz Fontes and Natasha Tokowicz 2016 Determinants of translation ambiguity: A within and cross-language comparisonLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 6:3, pp. 290–307 | Article
Ambiguity in translation is highly prevalent, and has consequences for second-language learning and for bilingual lexical processing. To better understand this phenomenon, the current study compared the determinants of translation ambiguity across four sets of translation norms from English to… read more