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Focus on South Africa

Edited by Vivian de Klerk

[Varieties of English Around the World, G15] 1996. iv, 328 pp.
Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


This article reports on patterns of adverbial usage in a 550 000-word corpus of informal spoken English collected from mother tongue (MT) Xhosa speakers for whom English is a second language. The focus is on the subset of intensifiers which accompany gradable adverbs and adjectives that allow… read more | Article
de Klerk, Vivian. 2003. Language and the law: Who has the upper hand?. Africa and Applied Linguistics, Makoni, Sinfree and Ulrike H. Meinhof (eds.), pp. 89–103
This paper aims to examine the English of Xhosa speakers (a significant proportion of speakers of Black South African English, since Xhosa is the second largest indigenous black language in South Africa), in terms of Williams’ (1987) criteria for Non-native Institutionalised Varieties of English… read more | Article
This paper describes the underlying motivation for the proposed structure and design of a corpus of Xhosa English, which aims ultimately to form part of a larger corpus of Black South African English (BSAE). The planned corpus will be exclusively based on spoken spontaneous Xhosa English, and full… read more | Article
OORSIG Taalbeleid in die Suid Afrikaanse Nasionale Weermag: 'n geval van die bul by die horings pak? In 1994 is 'n nuwe nasionale taalbeleid gepromulgeer, en in plaas van die vorige twee offisiële tale, Engels en Afrikaans, is 11 offisiële tale amptelik verklaar. Voorgangers van die finale Grondwet… read more | Article
de Klerk, Vivian and Gary Barkhuizen. 1998. English in the South African Defence Force: A Case Study of 6SAI. English World-Wide 19:1, pp. 33–60
The article reports on research carried out at an army camp in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa in 1996; it aimed to examine language use at the camp across all levels and in all contexts, in order to assess the degree to which South Africa's new multilingual language policy of 1994 has… read more | Article
Bosch, Barbara and Vivian de Klerk. 1996. Language Attitudes and their Implications for the Teaching of English in the Eastern Cape. Focus on South Africa, de Klerk, Vivian (ed.), pp. 231 ff.
de Klerk, Vivian. 1996. Introduction. Focus on South Africa, de Klerk, Vivian (ed.), pp. 7 ff.
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