Vicente Calvo Fernández

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Subjects Bibliographies in linguistics | History of linguistics | Romance linguistics


Esparza Torres, Miguel Ángel and Vicente Calvo Fernández 2001 La ‘Grammatica Proverbiandi’ y la ‘Nova ratio Nebrissensis’History of Linguistics in Spain/Historia de la Lingüística en España: Volume II, Koerner, E.F.K. † and Hans-Josef Niederehe (eds.), pp. 35 ff.
Esparza Torres, Miguel Ángel y Vicente Calvo Fernández 1994 La grammatica proverbiandi y La nova ratio nebrissensis Historiographia Linguistica 21:1/2, pp. 39–64
Antonio de Nebrija (1444?–1522) published his Gramática Castellana in 1492, at a time when humanist appreciation of Castilian as a cultural language had not yet advanced to a discussion of its possibilities to become an established norm. However, an analysis of Nebrija’s linguistic and grammatical… read more | Article