Jeffrey Killman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jeffrey Killman plays a role.


Killman, Jeffrey 2023 Machine translation and legal terminology: Data-driven approaches to contextual accuracyHandbook of Terminology: Volume 3. Legal Terminology, Biel, Łucja and Hendrik J. Kockaert (eds.), pp. 485–510 | Chapter
This chapter addresses machine translation (MT) with an eye to legal terminology. The translation of legal terms and phrasemes may be fraught with contextual complexities, and context has long been the Achilles’ heel of MT. Nevertheless, neural MT (NMT) and statistical MT (SMT) have made… read more
This article presents the results of a study in which students in a graduate translation technologies course post-edited a text they had previously translated earlier in the semester without using machine translation (MT). The results show that post-editing allowed students with performance levels… read more
Vocabulary is often considered one of the most difficult aspects of translating legal texts, and finding reliable textual supports is often a challenge too. This study presents the results of an experiment to use, as often as possible, multilingual EU resources with versions in Spanish and English… read more
The tools of translation memories and machine translation can be viewed as (not) being able to draw on different aspects of context that are relevant to a particular translation project, such as bilingual text, portions of a text, versions of a text, related text, or extralinguistic context. The… read more