Sibilla Cantarini

Sibilla Cantarini

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Certainty-uncertainty – and the Attitudinal Space in Between

Edited by Sibilla Cantarini, Werner Abraham and Elisabeth Leiss

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 165] 2014. x, 365 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Discourse studies | Philosophy | Pragmatics | Semantics | Theoretical linguistics


Bucciarelli, Paola, Ramona Bongelli, Andrzej Zuczkowski, Sibilla Cantarini and Christine Berthold. 2014. Uncertainty markers in a corpus of German biomedical papers from Spektrum der Wissenschaft (1993-2012). Communicating Certainty and Uncertainty in Medical, Supportive and Scientific Contexts, Zuczkowski, Andrzej, Ramona Bongelli, Ilaria Riccioni and Carla Canestrari (eds.), pp. 341–368
In this paper we present the analysis of uncertainty markers in a corpus of 60 articles randomly selected from the German popular science magazine Spektrum der Wissenschaft since 1993 until 2012. In addition to identifying which and how many uncertainty lexical and morphosyntactic markers were… read more | Article
Cantarini, Sibilla and Jacopo Torregrossa. 2014. On polar questions, negation, and the syntactic encoding of epistemicity. Certainty-uncertainty – and the Attitudinal Space in Between, Cantarini, Sibilla, Werner Abraham and Elisabeth Leiss (eds.), pp. 199–215
This paper focuses mainly on negative polar questions. Following on from the relevant literature, we distinguish between two types of negative polar questions – those with inner negation and those with outer negation – showing that each is associated with specific morphosyntactic and semantic… read more | Article