Will Stahl-Timmins

List of John Benjamins publications for which Will Stahl-Timmins plays a role.


Stahl-Timmins, Will 2022 Visualising vapours: Graphical representation of Covid-19 transmissionInformation Visualization, Meirelles, Isabel, Marian Dörk and Yanni Loukissas (eds.), pp. 115–125 | Article
The case study describes the process of designing an interactive visualisation tool to help people understand the likelihood of Covid-19 transmission in different situations. This visualisation was created as part of a 13 month long collaborative project between scientific experts from a UK… read more
Stahl-Timmins, Will, Jonathan Black and Paul Simpson 2019 Pragmatic evaluation of The BMJ’s visual abstractsInformation Visualization, Dörk, Marian and Isabel Meirelles (eds.), pp. 101–109 | Article
The British Medical Journal has recently started making visual abstracts to summarise published research studies. These 1024 × 1024 px images give a quick overview of a trial’s participants, design, and key findings. These visual abstracts are designed to help busy health professionals and… read more
Stahl-Timmins, Will 2017 Visualising medical evidence on sepsis treatment: A case study about interactive graphics in scientific publishingInformation Visualization, Meirelles, Isabel and Katherine Gillieson (eds.), pp. 96–103 | Article
Visual information can have a range of benefits for busy health practitioners. At The BMJ, we often use visuals to provide quick summaries of information from at times lengthy articles. This paper presents a case study of the design process for an interactive graphic on sepsis treatment, aiming to… read more
Stahl-Timmins, Will, Martin Pitt and Jaime Peters 2010 Graphical presentation of data for health policy decisions: An exploratory online decision task experiment to measure effectivenessHealthcare Information, Simlinger, Peter (ed.), pp. 205–224 | Article