Hsiao-Ling Hsu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hsiao-Ling Hsu plays a role.


This study investigates the cognitive operations and cultural constraints in DOG and CAT proverbs in Taiwan Hakka and English. For understanding and interpreting proverbs, the target themes are categorized into fundamental human virtues, and the cognitive operations are exhaustively examined by… read more
Hsu, Hsiao-Ling, Huei-ling Lai and Jyi-Shane Liu 2022 democracy in Taiwanese presidential inaugural addresses: Metaphors, source domains, scenarios, and ideologiesConcentric 48:2, pp. 212–248 | Article
This study explored metaphorical expressions related to democracy in 15 Taiwanese presidential inaugural addresses. The source domain concepts mapped to understand democracy were examined and the relationship between these metaphorical expressions and ideologies was teased out by employing the… read more