Peter Andersson Lilja

List of John Benjamins publications for which Peter Andersson Lilja plays a role.


Blensenius, Kristian and Peter Andersson Lilja 2022 Chapter 9. In search of subjective meaning in Swedish pseudocoordinationPseudo-Coordination and Multiple Agreement Constructions, Giusti, Giuliana, Vincenzo Nicolò Di Caro and Daniel Ross (eds.), pp. 213–230 | Chapter
This study provides a discussion of the development of subjective meaning associated with the motion-verb pseudocoordination gå och V ‘go/walk and V’ and the posture-verb pseudocoordination sitta och V ‘sit and V’, using historical and present-day linguistic data. It is claimed that an… read more
Adesam, Yvonne, Peter Andersson Lilja, Lars Borin and Gerlof Bouma 2021 Chapter 4. A lexical resource for computational historical linguisticsThe Swedish FrameNet++: Harmonization, integration, method development and practical language technology applications, Dannélls, Dana, Lars Borin and Karin Friberg Heppin (eds.), pp. 97–122 | Chapter
In this chapter we present the diachronic dimension of Swedish FrameNet++. We describe the historical lexical resources currently available for Swedish, linked to the Contemporary Swedish lexicon Saldo. We present a case study of how interlinking the dictionaries simultaneously allows us to study… read more