Francesca M. Dovetto

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This contribution is dedicated to William Dwight Whitney (1827–1897), a scholar who generally has a modest space dedicated to him in the historiography of linguistics, despite his name and works having had considerable circulation among his contemporaries. His originality and method are outlined… read more
Albano Leoni, Federico and Francesca M. Dovetto 1996 From Maine de Biran to the ‘Motor Theory’ of speech: A note in the history of phoneticsHistoriographia Linguistica 23:3, pp. 347–364 | Article
The basic idea of the modern Motor Theory of Speech Perception (Liberman et al. 1963) is that “the perception of speech is tightly linked to the feedback from the speaker’s own articulatory movements”. In this paper we try to show how the same idea was already formulated by the French philosopher… read more