Victor S. Ferreira

List of John Benjamins publications for which Victor S. Ferreira plays a role.


Williams, Rachel, Victor S. Ferreira and Iva Ivanova 2023 Chapter 7. On bilingualism and alignmentBilingualism through the Prism of Psycholinguistics: In honour of Albert Costa, Santesteban, Mikel, Jon Andoni Duñabeitia and Cristina Baus (eds.), pp. 205–233 | Chapter
This chapter is dedicated to the contribution of the theoretical review of Costa, Pickering, and Sorace (2008) to our understanding of alignment in second-language dialogue, or, more broadly, conversations involving at least one less proficient speaker. We first briefly describe the review’s… read more
Hall, Matthew L., Victor S. Ferreira and Rachel I. Mayberry 2012 Phonological similarity judgments in ASL: Evidence for maturational constraints on phonetic perception in signNew Methodologies in Sign Language Phonology: Papers from TISLR 10, Brentari, Diane and Ronnie B. Wilbur (eds.), pp. 104–127 | Article
We created a novel paradigm to investigate phonological processing in sign and asked how age of acquisition (AoA) may affect it. Participants indicated which of two signs was more phonologically similar to a target, and estimated the strength of the resemblance with a mouse click along a continuous… read more