Erwin Snauwaert

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Languages in Business Education: Introduction

Edited by Lieven Buysse, Karoline Claes and Erwin Snauwaert

Special issue of ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics 161 (2011) ca. 123 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language policy | Language teaching | Multilingualism


As demonstrated extensively by translation studies, national images and their reception undergo significant changes in the transfer process to another culture. From this perspective, La pena máxima by Roncagliolo is an interesting case: not only is the plot tied in with the theme of football, which… read more
Buysse, Lieven, Karoline Claes and Erwin Snauwaert 2011 Languages in Business Education: IntroductionLanguages in Business Education: Introduction, Buysse, Lieven, Karoline Claes and Erwin Snauwaert (eds.), pp. 5–9 | Introduction