Natsuko Tsujimura

List of John Benjamins publications for which Natsuko Tsujimura plays a role.


Tsujimura, Natsuko 2023 Cooking verbs and the cultural conceptualization of cooking processes in JapaneseCultural Linguistics and Critical Discourse Studies, Reif, Monika and Frank Polzenhagen (eds.), pp. 127–145 | Chapter
This chapter provides a semantic analysis of Japanese cooking verbs in comparison with English counterparts. It will be shown that some of the semantic components that are lexicalized (or incorporated) to form a verb’s meaning reflects a cultural conceptualization of food preparation. Building… read more
Communication by language and nourishment by food are among the few things that indispensably shape our daily life. These two critical elements of human life may not appear to hold reciprocal relationships, but language indeed plays a vital role in our food culture in ways that are not always… read more
Tsujimura, Natsuko 2014 Mimetic verbs and meaningMorphology and Meaning: Selected papers from the 15th International Morphology Meeting, Vienna, February 2012, Rainer, Franz, Francesco Gardani, Hans Christian Luschützky and Wolfgang U. Dressler (eds.), pp. 303–314 | Article
This paper will discuss several lexical semantic differences between mimetic verbs and conventional prosaic verbs in Japanese, and show that meaning for mimetic verbs calls for a treatment distinct from that of lexical verbs. Taking into account the notion of ‘affect-imagistic dimension’ (Kita… read more
Tsujimura, Natsuko 2005 6. A constructional approach to mimetic verbsGrammatical Constructions: Back to the roots, Fried, Mirjam and Hans C. Boas (eds.), pp. 137–154 | Chapter
Tsujimura, Natsuko 2002 Japanese enter/exit verbs revisited: A reply to Kita (1999)Studies in Language 26:1, pp. 165–180 | Article
Kita (1999) compares Japanese and English Enter/Exit verbs in spatial expressions, and argues that Japanese Enter/Exit verbs lack semantic encoding of motion. He claims that this runs counter to the view which considers motion and location to be primitives in the semantics of spatial expressions;… read more
Tsujimura, Natsuko 2001 A constructional approach to stativity in JapaneseStudies in Language 25:3, pp. 601–629 | Article
This paper deals with the relationship between the formal properties and a specific meaning associated with a class of Japanese sentences that have the verbal gerund and iru ‘be’ (i.e., -te iru). These sentences are characterized by the -te iru verbal morphology on a dynamic verb and a… read more
Tsujimura, Natsuko and Stuart Davis 1987 The Accent of Long Nominal Compounding in Tokyo JapaneseStudies in Language 11:1, pp. 199–206 | Miscellaneous