Nancy Vázquez-Veiga

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nancy Vázquez-Veiga plays a role.


Fernández, Mauro y Nancy Vázquez-Veiga 2022 Sin noticias del chabacano: Calas en la escena lingüística de Manila (1620–1640)Spanish in Context 19:3, pp. 385–404 | Article
En un artículo reciente se ha argumentado que todas las variedades del chabacano proceden de una inicial, forjada antes de 1640 como instrumento de comunicación interétnica. Tal propuesta incluye un rechazo explícito del argumento ex silentio – utilizado por otros autores para defender una… read more
Bao Fente, Maria C., Inmaculada C. Báez Montero and Nancy Vázquez-Veiga 2020 Differing attitudes toward Spanish sign languages in three Galician pre- and primary schoolsNew Approaches to Language Attitudes in the Hispanic and Lusophone World, Bugel, Talia and Cecilia Montes-Alcalá (eds.), pp. 61–82 | Chapter
Research into multilingual communities in Europe shows parallels between spoken languages and sign languages in relation to the influence of school and family on the origin and transformation of linguistic attitudes. Compared with the number and variety of studies on spoken languages, however,… read more
This chapter examines the use of discourse markers (DMs) in the inter-language of L2 Spanish learners whose L1 is English, based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of written and oral samples from the CEDEL2 and SPLLOC corpora, respectively. From the initial description of the utility of… read more
This paper examines the challenges posed by discourse markers (DM) for learners at secondary school level of French as a foreign language (FFL), based on a corpus of samples of written work by FFL students. The first section looks at how DM are presented and described in the textbooks and… read more
Vázquez-Veiga, Nancy and Mauro Fernández 2012 Maskin, maski, masque… in the Spanish and Portuguese creoles of Asia: Same particle, same provenance?Ibero-Asian Creoles: Comparative Perspectives, Cardoso, Hugo C., Alan N. Baxter and Mário Pinharanda-Nunes (eds.), pp. 181–204 | Article
While much of the scholarship on the subject of Ibero-Asian pidgins and creoles does contain some mention of the maski/maskin/masque particle, so far no detailed study has been made of the contrasting uses of the form in the different varieties. The prevailing wisdom holds that the particle… read more